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Shanghai Huagang Steel Co.,Ltd. is OEM company, mainly sells for major brands of ALUMINUM , and have own processing factory to provide speedy deep process on steel. We have variety of customers from different fields. Such as United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East , Africa, South America market. Our annual export volume is more than 5000,000 tons.

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Production capacity


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Professional team

More than ten years of steel sales experience precipitation, from front-end sales to back-end product processing staff, all have rich experience. To provide you with the best quality service.

Competitive price

We have long-term stable suppliers and enjoy special discounts for raw material purchase. So we have lower costs and can offer you the best price for the same product.

Reliable quality

All our products have been strictly inspected, with sufficient quantity and guaranteed quality. If you need, we can provide the third party's quality inspection report.

Guaranteed delivery time

One-to-one service, keep abreast of the cargo processing process, book shipping schedules in advance to ensure delivery within the specified time.



Provide services for various customers in different fields.